Toryn- Part II

A ballet of death…

That was the best way to describe it, though some of the dancers were not as graceful as others. Toryn liked to think of himself as one of the more graceful participants. He moved with finesse and style, pivoting and repositioning himself to place another runeshot on the enemy or spinning and dodging to avoid their strikes. His movements were fluid and perfectly choreographed as he worked his magelock pistol into a steady tempo of fire, eject, load, aim, fire, and repeat. His magically-charged bullets found their mark more often than not due to Toryn’s already expert skill with the pistol being boosted by magical accuracy, and for this he was thankful for. Without it, Toryn was sure that he and his comrades would be hard pressed fighting these enemies- Satyrix Raiders and Bloat Thralls.

The Satyrix Raiders and their leader were carving a swathe of death amongst the crew of the Crux- the agile and deadly Satyrix slashing and decapitating foes with their razor-sharp flails while the Bloat Thralls provided fire support from their ship- firing toxic and corrosive globes that exploded upon impact showering those nearby. The crew of the Crux were quickly falling and act of heroism (or stupidity) would need to be attempted soon if there was going to be any chance of survival.

Most of Toryn’s team was guarding the wheelhouse, which is where the necrotite cortex was being kept and also the spot where a “last stand” for the ship was being enacted. While most of the team were inside of the wheelhouse, but Toryn could see the warcaster, Colt, guarding one of the wheelhouse doors. He was surrounded by the Satyrix Raiders and despite being outnumbered, he was holding them at bay and felling their numbers with swings of his sword. Despite their casualties, the enemy did not seem interested in giving up and Toryn suspected that their orders were to secure the cortex from Toryn’s team before they made it to Caspia.

The only other member of Toryn’s team not in the wheelhouse was the Fellcaller Kreoss and the mighty Trollkin was busy cleaving Satyrix Raiders up with his sword. A Raider’s head turned to pink mist from one of Toryn’s runeshots and the gun mage motioned for the Trollkin to follow him onto the enemy’s boat where the Bloat Thralls were still launching their deadly ammo. Kreoss wasted no time jumping the enemy’s ship, which had been pulled up alongside the Crux and secured with boarding hooks and the Trollkin immediately charged one of the Bloat Thralls and inflicted a mighty blow onto the corpulent beast. Toryn followed, leaping over the railings of both ships and landing with a roll and back on his feet all in one smooth motion. Immediately upon standing, Toryn plugged a nearby Raider in the back and the pirate crumpled to the ground.

Kreoss continued to hack away at the Bloat Thrall and the creature desperately tried to defend itself with wild swings from its weapon arm but was outmatched in melee against his opponent. The other Thrall was turning its attention to the enemy boarders and Toryn selected a runeshot from his bandolier- this one had been inscribed with powerful runes of brutal damage, immolation and accuracy. Toryn loaded his magelock pistol with the selected round, took aim and fired. If one looked closely, they could see a circle of purple-colored runes revolving around the gun barrel for a millisecond after Toryn pressed the trigger before the round exited and struck the Thrall. The bullet struck, and disappeared into the fat bloated flesh of its target and the Thrall heaved in pain and then caught fire. Despite the pain and combustion, the creature fired a glob of toxic matter at Toryn and Toryn was able to step away from the majority of the blast, taking only a few painful droplets from the splatter.

Toryn selected and loaded another runeshot like the first and sent this one again at the Thrall. This time the damage was too much for the Cryx creation to handle and it screamed in anguish for a moment before contents of its ruptured innards started mixing together forming a deadly explosive concoction. Within seconds after the fatal shot, the Thrall exploded- showering pieces and fluids of its corrosive and toxic mass to the deck and nearby Raiders.

Toryn loaded another runeshot and took aim at the wounded Thrall that Kreoss was fighting, the creature looked to be on the verge of death while Kreoss appeared to be mostly unharmed. Toryn needed the Trollkin’s melee prowess to help him clear the close confines of the Satyrix’s ship and couldn’t afford to have the Trollkin tied up in combat with the Thrall. Taking careful aim, Toryn sent a runeshot into the Thrall engaged with Kreoss. The shot struck true, but the damage it inflicted was overkill for what the Thrall could take in its wounded state and its ruptured bloated form heaved outward in a sudden explosion of toxic gore.

Initially worried, Toryn was relieved to see that the majority of the Thrall explosion was absorbed by a nearby crate which shielded Kreoss from most of the blast. With clothing dotted with burn holes and skin splotched by acid burns, the Trollkin fixed the gun mage with an agitated look.

Toryn- Part II

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