Toryn- Part I


That’s what Toryn felt as he contemplated last night’s events. How could he have let his ambition to fast-track his mercenary charter over-look the suspicious circumstances of Lieutenant Rorke’s job proposal. Given Rorke’s position as a commanding officer in the Cygaran military, it was easy to take his word at face value, but now, realizing just how close to danger Toryn and his small band of mercenaries had come to losing their lives, Toryn will have to be more cautious in future business endeavors. imagesM7D9YCZ3.jpg

A simple job to secure a crate containing an unknown cargo from a local Corvis alchemist was anything but. The alchemist’s tower blew up shortly after arrival and a brief inspection of the debris before they became consumed by fire held clues showing that the crate they were after was no longer present but now in the possession of a gang of malcontents and pirates called the Bloody Skiffs.

Arriving at Pier 16, where the Skiffs’ ship lay at dock, the job was going from bad to worse- not only had they failed to secure the crate from the alchemist’s tower, but now it was being held by a group of shady cutthroats that outnumbered Toryn’s group more than two to one. Interestingly enough, help to even the odds came in the unlikely form of a self-proclaimed traveler of Khadoran-descent named Sergei. The highwayman was annoying and cocky (not to mention a Khadoran), but he displayed skill with the horse and gun and an extra man for the fight would be helpful considering the circumstances. Throwing caution to the wind, mainly out of desperation to complete their job, Toryn and his team offer Sergei immediate employment in their band and the man accepts.

This would turn out to be a good choice, as the formulated plan of attacimagesZQAI5HC8.jpgk was quickly discarded when they attempt at an ambush was thwarted by keen-eyed Skiff look-outs. With no other recourse but to retreat and allow the Skiffs to flee with the package, Toryn and his men conduct an all-out assault. The odds were against them and several members of his unit are wounded but Toryn didn’t select just any swordsman off the street into the ranks of his group- these were talented individuals with skillsets for a variety of situations, including combat. Loomus’ magic blasted foes. Gretchen’s crossbow found its mark many times. Colt and Kreoss’ swords were busy clearing the Skiffs’ deck of opposition. Sergei’s rifle was an ever-repeating comfort in the background. Toryn’s mage-lock pistol sent magically charged rune-shot after rune-shot into the Blood Skiffs.

The combat prowess of Toryn’s group quickly changed the tide of the battle and it was the Skiffs who were tittering on the edge of retreat. This was the moment when the true leaders of opposition revealed themselves- a towering ogrun named Brak Seabreaker who was known as an infamous and wanted river pirate and a frail-looking woman wielding the powers of necromancy. Lommus is quickly on the vern of death when Brak mortally wounds the spell-slinger and against his better judgement, Toryn moves into melee range of the ogrun to save his teammate. Fortunately this proved to be a wise choice as Loomus is able to slay the necromancer with a final surge of magical power while the rest of his team concentrate on bringing down the massive ogrun.

With their enemies dispatched, Toryn and his men are able to locate the box and rescue two men that are guards employed by the Order of the Golden Crucible. From the guards they learn that Rorke is a traitor working for Cyrx whose job was to secure the crate, which contains a soul poison necortite cortex. Not sure who to believe now, Toryn and company decide to secure the cortex and accompany the Crucible Guards to speak with their superior- Commander Alexander.

Toryn- Part I

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