The Dead Save the Living

IMG_0921.JPGHolding Eloise’s arm in the fold of his, Lord Toryn lead the wizard down staircases, through hallways and past rooms where construction crews were busy repairing damage, both external and internal, that Corvis’ Fraternal Order of Wizardry Lodge had sustained during the final battle that took place within the city’s walls where Alexia lead a legion of undead against King Vinter and his army of traitorous Cygnaran and Skorne forces. The battle had been costly in terms of infrastructure and lives lost and there was much to rebuild in the following months, perhaps years, but it was a war that needed to be fought, that needed to be won so that Cygnar could prevent Vinter’s return to power.

Lord Toryn and his ‘Jacks of All Trades mercenary company had played a crucial role in Corvis’ victory over Vinter’s forces. Their risky alliance with Alexia and the assistance they gave to her undead forces proved to be key in sustaining the beleaguered defenders of Corvis and ultimately giving them victory. The actions of Toryn and his men had not gone unnoticed and they were reaping the rewards of their newfound fame.IMG_0919.JPGToryn and Eloise stopped as a group of children ran to them and surrounded Toryn some even tugging on his long coat. “Lord Toryn, Lord Toryn! Tell us the story of how you fought and defeated the evil King Vinter!” several shouted. “Yes, please let us hear!” several others shouted.

Toryn laughed heartily (more to himself than at the request of the children). The story of Toryn and his men defeating King Vinter was not entirely true, far from it, but the story had been embellished over the months and what in reality had only been a very short melee and exchange of gunfire with the disposed King before a stray cannonball explosion flung Vinter to Morrow knows where had become an epic battle with runeshots and sword and hammer swings that shattered walls and brought down some of the city’s towers. Unlike some of his companions, Toryn only embellished the story a little when he told it to children or some of the more arrogant nobility. The free booze and other amenities that their hero status brought was certainly a nice perk but in the back of his mind Toryn feared what such boosting could do in the future- put a target on his back from the disposed King’s hidden supporters, create unreal expectations of what him and his company were capable of or perhaps even bring King Vinter himself back looking for revenge (which was certainly not an individual that Toryn was interested in going toe-to-toe with again)?IMG_0920.PNGBut he and his men had been reaping the benefits of their newfound fame. There was certainly no complaints that life wasn’t going good. Lord Toryn himself had been using his fame and noble status to network with the various power brokers of the city and beyond to secure various investments to grow his company and through his connections with Eloise, he had decided to further develop his magical abilities by training in the Fraternal Order as an arcanist. Eloise was a phenomenal teacher and Toryn’s magical abilities were expanding into spells not normally learned by gun mages.

During their time together, Toryn’s relationship with Eloise had become complicated. She had become his teacher, friend and lover, and this made Toryn a little anxious about the future. Not ready to settle down just yet, from adventuring or for the embrace of only one woman, Toryn was not sure what this meant because his time with Eloise made him think about settling down. He was the president of the mercenary company and there was certainly much administrative work he needed to do in his position (little of it was as fun as putting a runeshot through a gatorman’s head) and settling down in Corvis, and making this his company’s base of operations, had an appeal of sorts.

“Is this the magelock you shot Vinter with?” one of the children asked snapping Toryn out of his moment of contemplation.

“This…” Toryn said drawing his newly crafted dual magelock pistol with a flourish “…is Blissful Release. I made her myself. It is not the magelock I shot the disposed King with but it is certainly up to the task” he said with a wink to the kids. “Now this…” he said releasing Eloise’s arm and drawing his single-barrel magelock “… is the one I shot Vinter with.” He squatted down so he was level with the children while holstering Blissful Release. “You want to hear about it, eh?”

The Dead Save the Living

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