Excerpt - "Sergei's Solutions, A True Account! CH1"

“The following is a short excerpt from the acclaimed novel Sergei’s Solutions, A True Account; a nonfictional account of the legendary mercenary group lead by the hero himself, Sergei Yanderhall, and written by the talented and award winning author, Ingrid Bellerophon. This book holds true stories of all the group’s famous, and a few of their more secretive, accounts. All facts pertained within are true, some garnered from first hand accounts from members of the group and other noted witnesses, some told straight from the mouth of the legend himself. Total number of copies sold throughout Western Immoren: 14.6 million”

Chapter One: The Meeting of the Minds!

It all began a few years ago in the ghostly city of Corvis, a civilized town in Northern Cygnar seated on both the Black River and the Dragon’s Tongue. It was evening, dusk just rolling in among a shallow mist of rain and fog. The cool damp night air was quiet, echoing the sounds of the moonlite harbor across the empty city docks. Slow and gentle waves rocked the boats and ships against their piers, filling the empty night air with a slow hum of metal scraping against wood.

Suddenly, there came the sound of feet crashing over the rain soaked ground. A small Gobber, barely three feet tall and drapped in a thin cloth coat for protection against the slow falling rain, raced down a lonely deserted pier. Nearing the pier’s end, she bounded into the air and fell gracefully into the dark water without so much as a sound. Her shadow was soon lost admits the shimmering moonlight dancing across the waves as she slipped ever deeper beneath the water.

A ship, The Blood Skiff, sat tethered to the pier nearby. Its iron hull and large billowing smoke fumes rocked gently upon the waves as if waiting innocently for the coming dawn. A long anchoring chain jutted from the hull and fell into the water below, its gleaming metal lost to sight as soon as it touched the pitch black water. Without a sound, a small hand erputed from the waves and pulled a tiny body up the chain.

Pulling herself over the side, the Gobber fell onto the ship’s deck and looked with gleeful anticipation at the crowd of men before her. The cutthroats and brigands which made the ship their home didn’t even see her slip aboard as they continued to torture their prisoners, a pair of innocent Crucible guards who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Gobbler grinned as she heard a sound like crashing thunder rolling across the city dock.

The still puddles of rain water rippled as the boots of nearly a half dozen men crashed through them. A large iron Jak kept up with the group, cutting a huge moving shadow across the dimly lit docks. Clinging to the Jak’s open arm sat a dashing young rogue in a Naval uniform. The rogue’s eyes burned like fire behind the dark veil which protected the rogue’s face from the beating rain. As the group approached the ship, all that was left was for their spy aboard to give them the signal.

The crossbow bolt flew silently through the rain, finding its target and cutting him down. As the brigands aboard the ship became aware of their impending doom, they began to gather near the edge of the ship. Stopping near the edge of the pier, the Jak hurled the rogue across the water and gracefully onto the ship. It then set about the task of erecting makeshift gangplank for the others. The regal Gunmage let loose a volley of shot which torn into another of the ruthless brigands glaring over the ship’s side and sent an echoing boom screeching over the dock.

Elsewhere, mounted on his horse above a lonely fishmonger’s stall, sat the legendary figure himself, Sergei Yanderhall. Clothed in custom battle armor, and wearing a mask to hide his true identity, the Magnificent hero was busy bartering for a small sack of clams when the sound of the gun fire stole his attention. As he and his faithful steed raced toward the sounds of trouble, the very rain itself seemed to defy the laws of physics as the droplets seemed to part as the legend rode through them.

Back aboard the ship, the fighting worsened. The lone Gobber found herself flanked on all sides, taking three of the evil seadogs in solo hand to hand combat. The noble Gunmage fired shots from all sides as his elven companion sent bolts of arcane magic scattering across the ship. The rogue matched each of the sailors with equal skill. On the dock, the Jak and it’s controller fought off a wave of brigand reinforcements valiantly. For a few moments, it seemed as if the group would triumph, but soon the pirates numbers began to overwhelm them. As blades sliced into the Gobber’s flesh and pistols cried out to be reloaded, a wave of panic began to grip the group.

Suddenly, a mounted figure rode through the melee on the dock, cutting down a handful of the brigands in mere seconds. Racing up the gangplank and crushing the pirates hounding the gobber beneath his mount’s mighty hooves, Sergei joined the battle with heroic gusto. His rifle cracked in the night, each time followed by the sound of a pirate’s body crashing to the deck. Within a few moments, the brigands had been decimated, leaving only their Captain remaining.

The huge ogrun raced forward but was cut off by members of the group. Fighting with frenzied speed and strength, he sent a mighty great sword crashing through the air. Taking careful aim, Sergei fired his rifle one last time and watched as the bullet sank into the beast’s head. Stopping completely, the ogrin stood with his sword held high as the life drained from his face. As gravity pulled his arm, and the sword, down towards the gunmage, the elf fired a focused bolt which tore the ogrin’s lifeless body asunder!

The group stood in quiet silence for a few moments, relishing their victory. As they looked over the bodies of their fallen enemies, they couldn’t help but feel grateful for the assistance from the lone hero. Approaching him slowly, the gunmage honored him for his much needed help and thanked him greatly. Selflessly, Sergei replied that it was only his duty to help those in trouble and he admitted he was impressed with the groups skill.

Perhaps it was due to some unfathomable kindness in his heart, or perhaps he saw something in one of these young adventurers, none can know for sure. But whatever the reason, Sergei agreed to accompany the group on the next part of their task. It is unlikely that even Sergei himself knew at the time, but this was to be the first meeting of the entire group, and while they were simply young, wet behind the ears, nobodies, with only a small amount of Sergei’s leadership and training, they would soon become one of the greatest mercenary groups Immoren’s ever seen.

… Continued in Sergei’s Solutions, A True Account! Chapter One. BUY IT NOW!

Excerpt - "Sergei's Solutions, A True Account! CH1"

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