The Order of the Gemstone Knights


The Order of the Gemstone Knights is a small fraternity of Cygnaran-born knights dedicated to the protection of Central and Northern Cygnar. Housed in the Obsidian Stronghold, located deep within the Granite mountains, the Order maintains a standing ten or twelve knights along with a small group of aspirants. While they operate autonomously, each individual knight is sworn to service under Lord Walder Faraday and tasked with the protection of the local area as well as the training of the local militia.

The Order maintains a strict rank-and-file system with each knight receiving a specific title based on their standing within that hierarchy. The top five knights who together form the table of command for the Order are given the titles of Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz. Other titles include Opal, Amber, Jade, Onyx, and Quartz. The titles of Pyrite and Pearl have been recently added to bolster the Order’s standing members in times of war. Each aspirant within the Order is given the title of shard.

When a knight of the order retires or is killed, their title is passed on to a newly appointed knight as both an act of honor and tradition. While it is possible for knights to take on a new moniker as they progress through the chain of command, nearly all knights choose to retain their original title as it is seen as a personal bond to those who wore that title in the past.The process to fill a vacancy within the Order usually includes a series of martial tests in tournament style between all worthy shards. However, there have been a few instances in the past in which a knight passed on their title to a specific apprentice, much to the dismay of the other aspirants.

While the knights within the order mainly split their time between training their shards, assisting the people of the land, and training the local militia responsible for protecting the surrounding area, each knight is also a reservist in the Cygnarian army. As such, they are often called into service whenever the army is in need of capable leaders or fighters. This loss of key members as the fighting worsens around Cygnar has put a strain on the Order’s stability and command structure. In order to ensure the Order’s continued survival, the Order has expanded their membership from ten to twelve standing knights as well as increased the duty and expectations of the Shards.

Current Knights: Unknown

Former Knights: Eloise Braxton, Former Sapphire Knight

The Order of the Gemstone Knights

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