The Great Sergei Yanderhall

Mighty Adventurer Beloved by All


Race: Human // Archtype: Intellectual // Professions: Explorer/Highwayman/Rifleman


PHY: 5 / SPD: 7 / Str: 4
AGI: 4 / PRW: 4 / POI: 5
INT: 5 / PER: 5


Defense: 15
Armor: 11
Initiative: 18
Command Range: 7


Hand Weapon: 1
Pistol: 1
Rifle: 1

Medicine: 1 / Navigation: 2
Survival: 2 / Detection: 2
Sneak: 1 / Command: 2
Riding: 2 / Rope Use: 1
Animal Handling: 1 / Intimidation: 1
Navigation: 1 / Deception: 1
Seduction: 2


Tactical Genius
Big Game Hunter
Port of Call (Unknown)
Saddle Shot
Fast Draw


Patron – Ingrid Bellerophon (Owner of the Norther Bellerophon Printing Company)


The following is an excerpt from the pages of “The Legend of the North; The Life and Adventures of Sergei Yanderhall” as read by great spokesperson and entertainer Sir Greggory Nolan.

" Chapter 1: The Legend Begins… "

“Little is known about the humble beginnings of the great Sergei Yanderhall as the story seems to change each time it’s told. At this point, it is neigh impossible to separate fact from fiction, buried deep beneath a layer of verbose embellishment and intense-”

“Little announcer is reading wrong!”

“Hey, you can’t come in here! I’m working-”

“Sergei ’vill be reading from on now. Sergei is has been greatest for all time since beginning. Is not so much being born as tiny baby, but is as if Motherland herself orgasm in great passion and create most perfect man for own pleasure-”

“NO! NO, not going to happen!”

“’Vat? Sergei just getting to part of being good.”

“This is my job! I am reading the book…”

Sound of shuffling

“There… Now where was I? Right, Sergei was born in a small village in northern Khador. Raised by his father, a simple farmer and tinkerer, and his mother, an intelligent scholar and horse breeder. It is impossible to know exactly what happened to them, but the most believed rumor is that they were brutally killed by a gang of bandits.”

“Is being of true… But joke is being on them, as Sergei decapitate entire gang ’vith single spoon…”

“Quiet! Sergei had always been an adventurous young man, and with the death of his parents and subsequent destruction of his family farm, it was as if his path in life had been set. Taking a young colt which had survived the attack, Sergei set out on his own seeking glory and riches the likes of which none of us normal men shall never see… for we are but common animals next to the greatness that is Sergei… It… It really says that?”

“Dah, is great part of book.”

“Sigh… This is going to be a long day…”

" Chapter 2: The North Bellerophon Printing Company "

“Traveling across the Northern country for many years boasting of his great deeds and accomplishments, Sergei quickly made a name for himself as a great hero and adventurer. His reputation spread quickly, earning him the adoration of much of the lands populace. A young up and coming publisher named Ingrid Bellerophon soon began to capture the stories of the mighty hero and found they were a huge hit with many of the nation’s working class.”

“Dah. Though, is hard for simple book to be capturing all of greatness that is Sergei. Is more like tiny pamphlet, or fold-out dinning menu, is only telling of some parts! True legend is being best spoken by Sergei own self! Is like when speaks of time Sergei fight the rare two-eyes Cyclops ’vith small toothpick and stick of already being chewed gum! It begin as-”

“That’s so funny, I was just about to tell that story!”

“Is true?”

“Yes, it’s printed right here! Let me continue… So, Sergei was contacted by the young woman and the two quickly formed a working relationship which resulted in much success. Sergei earned much fame and attention wherever he went, and Ingrid earned no small amount of fortune for her troubles. To Sergei, it seemed like the perfect life… Until fate dealt it’s most fatal hand. For it is Khadoran law that every male adult enlist for military service, and Sergei would find that even his small measure of fame did not protect him from this.”

“Is not really to be telling of Cyclops defeat, is little man?”


“Is really pushing on Sergei last nerve string at moment…”

" Chapter 3: Cygnar Meets it’s Hero "

“Faced with the future of military order and rule, Sergei felt his world collapsing around him. While he had no fear of war, he had become accustomed to the joy-filled free life he had made for himself and the strict protocols of military life would make living that life impossible. It would once again be young Ingrid who came to his aid. Suggesting that Sergei take his travels further, mainly outside of his countries boarders, she helped to convince key military officials that Sergei would do more inspiring the troops with his stories of adventure than he would do as a common soldier. Faced with the choice of military service or temporary exile, Sergei would choose the coward’s path and quickly fled southward.”

HEY! Is being a teller of lies! Sergei is knowing of no fear! Is perhaps thinking puny announcer man ’vill be ’vaking up being dead in morning.”

“One call from me buddy and my lawyers will be glad to join us for a nice little chat!”


“Is szinking, perhaps, be getting off on ’vrong toe. Sergei is planning on making night of movie and homemade Borscht if is interested in joining?”

“That… sounds lovely and I will think about it, but only if you remain quiet and let me finish my job.”

“Sergei is being of the quiet now.”

“Fine… We’re almost done anyway. So, Sergei and his faithful steed traveled south into the land of Cygar, finding both the people and the climate to be to his liking. Once again, he set about roaming the country boasting of his deeds and winning the respect, adoration, and love of the people while ensuring to constantly find new stories for young Ingrid to write. It has now been many months since arriving in Cygar, and Sergei is looking once more for a new outlet for adventure. What will be next? Sailing aboard a pirate ship? Taking on a Warjack in hand to hand combat? Slaying the evil troll-ogre Wizard Necromancer who threatens all of Immoren with an army of undead pig-squirrels… Oh brother… I’m done with this…”

“But is almost to best part where talks about all future amazing that Sergei shall accomplish! Here, let Sergei finish! For is part where talk about giant massive fore-arms and how ’vill handle all beautiful ’vomen who surround Sergei for passionate love-making.”

“I’m leaving…”

Sound of door closing

“Is perhaps szinking may begin self-help guide! Perhaps ’vill join group of lesser men and tutor for many year to become nearly half man Sergei is currently… ’vait, is perhaps be giving of autograph if ’vuld like… for small nominal fee!”

Sound of door closing

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