Samantha "Pearl" Bennett

Raised in the slums of Corvis, Pearl has found a new lease on life as the head administrator of Fort Rhyker.


Race: Human
Weight: 121lbs. Height: 5’6"
Archetype: Skilled
Professions: Spy & Thief

PHY: 5 / SPD: 6 / STR: 4
AGI: 5 / PRW: 4 / POI: 4
INT: 4 / PER: 5 / ARC: 0

Hand Weapon: 1
Pistol: 1

Bribery: 1
Climbing 1
Command: 1
Deception: 2
Detection: 1
Disguise: 1
Escape Artist: 1
Etiquette: 1
Forgery 1
Lock Picking: 2
Negotiation 1
Pick Pocket: 2
Seduction: 1
Sneak: 2
Streetwise: 1
Swimming: 1

Gains an additional attack in the Activation Phase
Deft: Boosted Agility Rolls
Virtuoso (Hand Weapon)
Battle Plan: Shadow
Cover Identity: Aristocrat

Five Cant

The Unseen Hand (Intelligence Network)



Samantha Bennett grew up in Corvis’ worst neighborhood, a crime-ridden hellhole ruled by competing gangs and corrupt businessmen, that the city watch didn’t even bother to patrol. The “Pearl” of her mother’s eye, Samantha loved her daughter dearly and sacrificed much to give her the best life she could in such decrepit conditions. Unfortunately fate had other plans and by age twelve Samantha’s mother was dead, killed at work as an innocent bystander during one of the many violent gang skirmishes that frequently broke out.

With no family or friends, a very young girl found herself on her own in a very dangerous place where much was given up just to survive. It didn’t take long before Samantha was taken advantage of and placed into a form of slavery working at one of the many brothels. Her life was something that no one, let alone a teenager, should suffer through. Forced to work in an illegal profession in an unpoliced society where anything was available for the right price Samantha quickly became hardened to the world and everyone in it. The only moments of solace were the few times she actually had to herself in-between clients or jobs of petty thievery. Samantha was long gone. Samantha was a happy child, a child who had a mother, a child who enjoyed living, Pearl was the pretty hardness that remained and that’s who Samantha decided she would be.

Years passed, an unhappy life with fleeting moments of joy and Pearl lived as best she could. She became quite proficient in her “trade,” developed some regular clients and actually started hiding some money away. Pearl had accepted her predicament but discovered a newfound determination to escape this life. Her “skills” were able to secure her steady work as an escort to the Corvis Undercity; guests of that illicit amusement park of gambling, fighting and drinking establishments were always looking for eye candy to hang from their arm and a companion to celebrate their wins or console their losses.

On a night like any other to the Undercity, Pearl had secured a client and as they made their way to the Griffon-gang controlled entrance to the Undercity a perfect gentleman by the name of Lord Toryn intercepted them, ran Pearl’s date off, thwarted Pearl’s attempts to pick his bulging purse, and convinced Pearl to accompany him in the Undercity as his date. Lord Toryn made her an offer that sounded too good to be true, but Pearl hung on his every word hoping beyond hope she would finally be free. She waited for him to return from whatever nasty business he had beyond the Ghost Door and when he did, he did not disappoint.

Samantha "Pearl" Bennett

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