Lord Toryn Haviair- Aristocrat, Gun Mage & Arcanist

A man of noble bearing and dashing good looks with a touch of arrogance.


A young handsome man with brown hair and eyes. Attired in tailored plate armor and a black great coat. A pair of pistols are holstered on his belt with a sheathed rapier.

Race: Human
Weight: 163lbs. Height: 5’9"
Archetype: Gifted
Professions: Aristocrat, Gun Mage & Arcanist

PHY: 6 / SPD: 7 / STR: 4
AGI: 5 / PRW: 4 / POI: 5
INT: 4 / PER: 4 / ARC: 4

Hand Weapon: 1
Pistol: 2

Climbing 1
Command: 1
Craft (Gunsmithing): 2
Cryptography 1
Deception: 1
Detection: 1
Etiquette: 1
Intimidation: 1
Jumping: 1
Law: 1
Negotiation: 1
Oratory: 1
Research: 1
Riding: 1
Seduction: 2

Craft Rune Shot
Fast Reload
Good Breeding
Natural Leader

Lightning Tendrils
Rune Shot: Accuracy
Rune Shot: Black Penny
Rune Shot: Brutal
Rune Shot: Detonator
Rune Shot: Molten Shot
Rune Shot: Thunderbolt
True Sight

Fraternal Order of Wizardry



Born into an established Cygnaran noble family with extended family ties to nobility in the now Khador-conquered nation of Llael, Toryn Haviair is use to the finer things in life. No stranger to the intrigues of the royal court and the politics of government, Toyrn is use to the wheeling and dealing to be found amongst the higher social classes but unfortunately his somewhat isolated upbringing has created an attitude of superiority and distrust when dealing with those of the lower classes. This attitude is still pervasive but has started to change after Toryn’s uncle, Carlton Agean, came to live in Cygnar.

A member of the Llael nobility loyal to the Llael throne and a famed gun mage of the Order of the Amethyst Rose, Carlton was one of many that found themselves with nothing after Khador conquered their homeland. As part of the Llaelese Resistance, Carlton believed that he could do more to help his country regain their independence by seeking help for the Resistance from family and supporters in Cygnar. Taking his few remaining possessions, Carlton moved in with his extended family in Cygnar. It did not take long before Toryn was intrigued by the Llaelese gun mage and when he got older, and showed that he had the gift, he was able to convince his uncle to teach him the way of arcane gun slinging. These lessons included more than the art of fighting but also taught Toryn that even those with everything, like his uncle, can lose it all. While still arrogant and condescending towards those beneath him, the seed has been planted to allow Toryn to see that all people have the potential to be respected and valued.

This revelation has given Toryn motivation to strike out to seek adventure and experience with the outside world. Confident in his abilities, but intelligent enough to realize that the world was a dangerous place (even with the monthly stipend provided by his family), Toryn met up with others seeking fame, fortune and experience. Using his income and charisma, Toryn was able to bring together individuals of various skill sets to form a mercenary group with him at the head.

Adventure Logs:

Lord Toryn Haviair- Aristocrat, Gun Mage & Arcanist

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