Lady Eloise "Sapphire" Braxton

A former Captain with the Cygnarian Armed Forces, Sapphire now enjoys her retirement as a freelance agent


Name: Lady Eloise Braxton of Fharin

Alias: The Sapphire Knight

Affiliations: Former Captain of the Cygnaran Armed Forces, 4th Army ; Former member with the Order of the Gemstone Knights

Race: Human Age: 56
Height: 5’ 9" (69 inches) Weight: 135 lbs
Archetype: Mighty
Professions: Knight & Military Officer
Experience: 7

PHY: 6 / SPD: 6 / STR 5
AGL 3 / PRW 4 / POI 4
INT 3 / ARC X / PER 3

Military Skills:
Hand Weapon 2
Great Weapon 2
Shield 1

Occupational Skills:
Command 2
Etiquette 1
Lore [Knightly Order] (Order of the Gemstone Knights) 1
Law 1
Medicine 1
Navigation 1
Oratory 1

Knightly Order (Order of the Gemstone Knights)

Mighty – Gains additional die on Melee damage rolls
Backswing – Once per turn, spend 1 feat point to gain an additional attack
Battle Plan: Call to Action – Knocked down characters stand up or go prone (within command range)
Cleave – When incapacitates a character w/ great weapon, make a second attack
Defender – Once a turn, after an ally is attacked, advanced toward enemy and make an attack
Load Bering – Reduce SPD and DEF penalties of armor by -1
Natural Leader – Increase command range by 2"
Team Leader – Can give newly acquired feat points to other characters in command range.


Caspian Battleblade (Great Weapon) – Mod: -1 (One Handed), 0 (Two Handed), POW 4/6
Dagger (Hand Weapon) – Mod: 1, POW: 1
Combat Shield (Shield) – Mod: -1, POW: 3 [1 ARM for each shield skill for all attacks in front arc]
Tailored Plate (Medium) – SPD: 0, DEF: -1 (0), ARM: 7


Born to a middle class family, Eloise considered her childhood a rather dull and boring affair. Wanting more excitement, she left home at the age of sixteen to prove herself. Underestimated by most, Eloise was eager to prove both her fighting prowess and her natural leadership potential. It wasn’t long before she had joined the Order of the Gemstone Knights, and risen to one of their most prominent ranks.

The local Knight order based near Fharin were mainly tasked with the protection of the nearby citizens and the training of the local militia. However, each knight was also considered a reservist in the Cygnarian Military Forces. With the army on the Ord boarder in disarray from the Trollkin uprising, Eloise and company were among the first sent to bolster their ranks.

Still maintaining her moniker as “The Sapphire Knight”, Eloise’s martial prowess and leadership capabilities were legendary among even the most novice of recruits. It wasn’t long before she had been given her own commission and set about training the forces working in Crael Valley. Whether it was fighting on the battlefield or training the new recruits in her makeshift boot camp, Eloise was seen as both a competent and effective leader by her men.

While Eloise remained in the army for longer than her service required, she never truly felt at home admits the bureaucratic rules and regulations. After accepting her retirement from military service and passing on her moniker to the order’s next knight, she made her way to the nearby city of Corvus for some much needed rest and relaxation. She now spends her free time in the local taverns, besting the natives in all manner of drunken contests and competitions, but has also been known to apply her skills with a blade in the protection of the innocent whenever called upon.

Lady Eloise "Sapphire" Braxton

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