The Legion of Lost Souls

The ’Jacks of All Trade are going to check in with Father Dumas at his hiding place above "" after they hear the news that the Temple of Morrow, where he had called home, had burned to the ground. On their way there, they are stopped by a stranger, concealed in a hooded cloak, loitering in an alley. After approaching, they quickly discover it is Alexia, still alive despite her apparent demise.

She tells them that she survived, and now has the souls of all of her mothers coven in her through the workings of the mysterious machine found in the Cult of Cyriss temple. She tells the ‘Jacks that she has formed a bond with the Witchfire, and that they should give it to her, as she has a plan that can help rid Corvis of Vinter and his army. Alexia wants to use an old legend of a lost army to gather minions to fight off Vinter’s forces. Toryn agrees to present her argument to Father Dumas.

Father Dumas seems dismayed by the idea of using the souls of the dead to fight, but he agrees that pursuing Alexia’s idea seems to be the least of the evils presented. With that, he and the ’Jacks begin doing research into the location of the Lost Legion. Eventually, they manage to find a lead. First, however, they will need to do more research into a way to circumvent the doorway, which is said to be magically sealed. Father Dumas has a solution for this, however. There is another legend, of the giant Kohlass, who came to the city, and was a stout defender and knight of the Morrowan faith. He was also said to have a magical hammer, Dauntless. Father Dumas believes that this can be used to break through the door. Dumas also believes that he knows the general location of where Kohlass is buried, in a church that has sunk into the Undercities of Corvis.

After further research, the ‘Jacks go off in pursuit of the hammer Duteous, which they believe lies somewhere in the Undercity beneath Filcher’s Crossing. Setting off, they go to Filcher’s Crossing and begin asking about entrances to the Undercity. They eventually meet a man who tell them where they can find it. It turns out that the Undercity in Filcher’s Crossing is controlled by one of the gangs, the Griffons, who the ‘Jacks had previously encountered in Filcher’s Crossing when they were sent to steal the LaborJack “Thunder Wicket”.

Scoping out the entrance to the Undercity, the ’Jacks see that it appears to be a warehouse, the front of which seems to be well guarded, with a lot of foot traffic going in and out. Toryn sees an opportunity to get in by chasing off a call girls escort, and offering to escort her down himself. Sergei, in the meantime, chases off after the spurned escort, while Loomis and Kilgore approach the guards to see if they can come to an arrangement.

Loomis and Kilgore manage to pay an “entrance fee” to the guards so Kilgore can go down and participate in the pit fights. Sergei lures the man away to an alley, where Sergei tries to intimidate him into giving Sergei all of his clothes. Sergei is forced to kill the man when he attempts to fight back. Dorveye, seeing what appears to be Loomis giving the guards money and just walking in, attempts the same. Approaching the guards, he throws them some small change and attempts to walk by without a word. When the guards stop him, asking who he is and what his business is, he is obviously flustered. Luckily, Toryn comes back for him, admonishing his “bodyguard” for his poor manners.

Finally down in the Undercity, Toryn has Pearl lead the ’Jacks to “The Bucket”, a local tavern. Toryn quickly finds that talking to the locals might not prove very helpful, as the proprietor is very close mouthed about the going ons down in the Undercity. In the meantime, Loomis goes outside to give Sergei a drink he had purchased for him. Unbeknownst to Sergei, this drink is rumored to be strong enough to kill a man. Drinking it whole, Sergei quickly becomes violently ill.

Toryn becomes frustrated, and shows his disdain to the owner of the bucket, then quickly leaves. Leading the ’Jacks to the local pit fighting ring, Kilgore is quickly entered into a match against a local reigning champion. After some build up and a few side bets, Kilgore goes up against his opponent. After a close fight, Kilgore comes out on top, winning the ’Jacks a fair sum of money.

The ’Jacks go to the other tavern down in the Undercity after this, where they meet one of the Griffon captains, "".

For Profit and Glory!

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