The Order of the Golden Crucible

The most respected of the arcane trade guilds in all of western Immoren, the Order of the Golden Crucible is also one of the most inclusive. Alchemists make up the bulk of its membership, but they are joined by arcane mechaniks, arcanists, apothecaries, and even mundane tradesmen. Given the value of tis wares, it also employs a substantial number of armed guards and has its own private mercenaries, among them notable pistoleers and riflemen. The organization produces high-grade blasting powder and other valuable alchemical mixtures, and its mark upon a product indicates it is of the highest quality.

The Order was originally headquartered in Thunderhead Fortress in the Llaelese city of Leryn. After the invasion of Llael, the majority of the Order’s members scattered among dozens of strongholds across Cygnar and Ord without cohesive leadership. Ord’s King Baird Cathor II saw an opportunity and entered into negotiations with leaders of the Order in 605 AR. As a result, the Order reformed itself as the Free Order of the Golden Crucible and with the help of the Ordic monarchy began construction of a new headquarters in the Ordic city of Midfast. Completed in early 608 AR, the Midfast guild house has become a small fortress containing comfortable lodgings, state-of-the-art laboratories, and first-rate workshops in addition to advanced alchemical research and production facilities. The Order has also expanded its security force, the Crucible Guard, and has begun recruiting new members.

Some members of the order remain Llael, either serving the interests of the Khadorans or inducted into the Vassals of Menoth. A small number have effectively left the Order to support the Llaelese Resistance by supplying blasting powder and alchemical firearms.

Notable Members

Commander Alexander Gaul

The Order of the Golden Crucible

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