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Return to Corvis

The ‘Jacks of All Trades accept a contract to protect a merchant caravan to Corvis. Close to their destination they’re ambushed by swamp gobbers, who they quickly fight off. The caravan leader decides their best course of action is to deliver their goods to Father Dumas, a local priest of Morrow.

Father Dumas attends the injured when the party arrives, and after the caravan leader is finished with them, approaches Kolt about a job he wishes the ’Jacks of All Trades to help them with. It appears several bodies had been stolen from local gravesites over the past few months. Father Dumas gave the party a list of names and places.

Q’Warr and Gretchen went to the two public graveyards. At the more reputable of the two, G’Warr talked with the undertaker and learned that a mysterious girl had been spotted wandering the area the night everything had been taken. They also run into Watch Captain Julian Helstrom, who tells them about the watches duties during The Longest Night festival.

At the poor graveyard, Q’Warr and Gretchen meet Egger, a half-mad beggar who also saw a mysterious and pretty girl in while wandering the graveyard the night the bodies were taken.

Meanwhile, Sergei went to on of the farms where a body had been stolen.

To Be Continued….

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