"Blissful Release"- Dual Magelock Pistol

A finely crafted scoped pistol with purple cherry wood grips and filigreed steel.

weapon (ranged)

Ammo: 2 (metal-cased rune shot)
Effective Range: 60 feet (10") with scope 78 feet (13")
Extreme Range: 300 feet (50") with scope 315 feet (53")
Skill: Pistol
Attack Modifier: 0
POW: 10
AOE: -
Reload: Each barrel takes a Quick Action

This is a double-barreled magelock pistol and both barrels can be discharged independently or together in a single blast. This weapon fires metal-cased rune shot rounds in which both the bullet and its casing have been inscribed with runes.

Special Rules:
Discharging both barrels together is treated as a single attack, and the weapon suffers -2 on the attack roll. If the attack hits, add +3 to the damage roll. Discharging both barrels is considered one shot when casting rune shot spells.


Crafted by Lord Toryn himself under the direction of his uncle Agean, this magelock pistol is as beautiful and as powerful as the signature weapon of the gun mages of the Order of the Amethyst Rose that it was based on.

"Blissful Release"- Dual Magelock Pistol

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