For Profit and Glory!

The Wrath of Menoth

Lord Toryn is interrupted from an evening stroll back to the ’Jacks of All Trades place of business by a man claiming to work for the Llaelese resistance. Toryn is told that his Uncle Agean is being hounded by a Protectorate Scrutator. Wasting no time, Toryn rounds up the ’Jacks of All Trades and heads out for the Llael / Protectorate border.

Upon arriving at the border, the ’Jacks meet up with two locals that are there to serve as guides. They are lead to a cave that also serves as a secret stash for the Resistance members. As they are stocking up on supplies they are ambushed by a patrol of Protectorate soldiers. After dispatching of the patrol quickly the ’Jacks loot (including a Flameguard cleansers purifier) and hide the bodies. Sergei sits down with their guides and quickly sketches out the best route for them to follow to quickly pick up on the trail of Lord Agean.

After riding around the villages chasing rumors, it becomes apparent the toll the Protectorate occupation is having on the previously free Llael. The people seem downtrodden and wary of strangers. Despite that, with the help of the guides, the ’Jacks manage to find people to help them, keeping them on the trail of Agean and out of the way of Protectorate patrols.

Before they are able to reach Lord Agean, the Scrutator manages to catch him. The ’Jacks are forced to ambush a Protectorate patrol to get information on the Protectorate camp in the area. In addition to the information they need, they manage to pick up a rumor on a relic that was found recently being kept in the camp.

The ’Jacks go to the camp with the intent of retrieving a map with the Protectorate routes on it, hoping that will tell them how to track the Scrutator before he gets back to a Protectorate stronghold and out of reach of the ’Jacks and Resistance.

Loomis and Gretchin sneak in first, Loomis in a stolen uniform and Gretchin as a gobber worker. Shortly after they walk into the camp, Toryn sneaks in behind them with the purifier in hand and sets fire to the coal reserves in the camp, before turning the purifier on the tents. Meanwhile, Sergei sneaks into another part of the camp and starts cutting horses free of the hitching post and making them bolt through the camp. Kolt starts making his way in to the camp now, attacking the sentries near Toryn to give Toryn room to work with his Magelock pistol.

Meanwhile, Gretchin has managed to sneak up to the commanders tent, using the distraction by the rest of the camp to sneak in to the tent and steal the map they need. Loomis is able to sneak into the back of the treasury tent. There, he finds a small locked chest that stands out from the rest and grabs it, along with a chest of jewels.

With their objectives in hand, the ‘Jacks escape the camp and begin pursuit of their quarry. Sergei is able to map out a route that will put them ahead of the Scrutator and in a position to set up an ambush. Once they arrive, the ’Jacks waste no time in setting up an ambush. Gretchen expertly places some snares along the road, hoping they might be able to slow down some of the troops, while Kr’ogg went to work blocking the road with some trees. They ‘Jacks didn’t have long to wait until they heard the familiar sound of a giant boiler and loud thuds of a Warjack. Hiding in the brush, they watch as the Scrutator and his retinue turn the corneer and come into sight of the blocked road. Toryn spots his uncle, bloody and bruised, chained up to one of the infernal wracks that the Protectorate favor.

With a roar of effort, Kr’ogg pushes another tree over, separating the Protectorate forces and wounding the warjack in the process. With that, the ‘Jacks engage the Scrutator in battle. With the aid of their preparations, they are able to handily defeat the Scrutator and his forces, Kr’ogg taking on the wounded Warjack himself while the rest of the company begin taking out the exemplars and Scrutator.

After rescuing Carlton Agean, the ‘Jacks return to Five Fingers with whatever loot they manage to find on the dead Protectorate soldiers. Kr’ogg rips out the cortex of the Warjack he defeated, rendering it useless, but he enjoys how shiny it looks.

After they had settled their affairs, the ‘Jacks meet back up at their headquarters and open the box that Loomis had found. Opening it, they find a scroll with strange runes written all over it that seem to glow with power. To Toryn and Kolt don’t recognize them as the standard runes someone might find, and Loomis doesn’t have any knowledge of them from his personal studies.

A new mystery awaits!



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