For Profit and Glory!

The Longest Night

The ’Jacks of All Trades are finishing up a contract to escort a caravan to Corvis when they are ambushed by swamp gobbers. After quickly driving off the would be raiders, the ’Jacks find themselves meeting Prelate Dumas, an important man in the local church of Morrow hierarchy.

Father Dumas, as he likes to be called, tells the ’Jacks that he had heard good things about them from Gunner, the leader of the caravan, and would like to hire them. He explains that there have been a series of grave robberies lately. Father Dumas gives the ’Jacks a list of the names and graves that had been dug up.

The group splits up to go investigate. G’Warr and Gretchen go and to investigate the two of the graveyards where they hear tales of a lovely young girl in white being seen there on the night of the disappearances. G’Warr also meets Watch Captain Julian Helstrom, who was at one of the graveyards leaving flowers for his deceased wife.

Meanwhile, The GreatSergei Yanderhall goes to check out one of the farms where a body had been taken from. He speaks with the wife of the deceased and now missing body. She informs him that she believes that this is probably something to do with dark magic and the upcoming Longest Night festival. He also learns that her husband and others on the list were all jurors in the infamous Corvis Witch Trials nearly a decade before.

Kolt and Lumis go to the estates of a local minor noble. They are received poorly, which doesn’t improve Kolts mood. This leads to a very unproductive back and forth between the two where Lumis and Kolt don’t learn much.

Sergei takes his information and goes to the public records office to find more information on the Witch Trials. After making notes on the information he finds, he takes it back to the church where he and the other members of the ’Jacks compare information. With the information that Sergei had learned, and the some advice from Father Dumas, the ’Jacks head out to explore the area where the witches from the trial had been executed and their bodies were put to rest.

After arriving at the ancient site, the ’Jacks discover that the site was also an ancient Orgoth prison facility. After searching the fort, the group discovers a lone gobber who tells them of a young girl that had been to the fort a few days ahead of them, had raised some skeletons and cleared the area of the gobber tribe that had taken residence there, and finally gone to the back of the facility where she raised four zombies before leaving.

The ‘Jacks rush back to Corvis with this new knowledge. They tell Father Dumas, and start guarding the tomb where the last member of the witches coven is buried. After doing some more research, the ’Jacks learn that Alexia, Father Dumas’ ward, is the daughter of the leader of the witches coven, and Father Dumas’ niece. Deciding they need to keep an eye on her, they set Gretchen to watching her, while the rest of the group splits up to look for clues.

G’Warr is approached by Watch Captain Helstrom while he is out. Helstrom informs him that his men had indeed seen Alexia out near the ancient Orgoth site a few days ago, and later had seen her heading deeper into the woods with four zombies. His men had also spotted her more recently sneaking around a spot in the church grounds where she had disappeared.

G’Warr, Sergei, and one of Helstrom’s men, Rench, found the spot she had disappeared at and found a hidden entrance into an old sewer system. After following it for a bit, they discover Alexia’s hideout. After they start searching the room for clues, Alexia shows up and confronts them. She tells them her mother was framed, and that Corvis would pay for what had been done to her. With that, she collapses the tunnel that the ’Jacks had entered from, leaving them to find their own way out of the catacombs.

After several run ins with thralls that Alexia had kept down there, the ’Jacks manage to find their way out. They gather their party, leaving Gretchen behind to help look over the tomb, and start to leave to go check out an abandoned Fort Rhyker in the direction Alexia and the zombies had been seen heading.

On their way out of the city, near a major intersection, Sergei notices a glint coming from atop one of the buildings. Crying out in alarm, he is able to warn the party of hidden snipers right before they are ambushed. After a harrowing combat, the ’Jacks manage to finish off almost the entire gang that had ambushed them, with one escaping into the crowded city streets.

Searching the bodies, they notice that each of the men has a tattoo of an eye over a lightning bolt on their right hand. This, along with a note they had found in Alexia’s lair talking about Magistrate Borloch’s “friend of the lightning eye” has the ’Jacks questioning what is really going on.

After some brief research before they continue out to the fort, Lumis and Father Dumas discover that the lightning eye is actually a symbol associated with the old regime’s inquisition. Not knowing what this might mean, the group resumes its course for the abandoned fort.

When they get to the fort, they discover an army of thralls outside the gates, digging up bones and taking them into the fort. Sneaking into the fort, they discover more thralls sorting through the bones and putting them into piles. Finally, they find Alexia and her four zombies, raising new thralls.

G’Warr and Rench go to the bridge they had used to cross into the fort and set it up with explosives. Meanwhile, Kolt calls down to Alexia. When she sees them, she immediately gives them a choice, they can leave now, or she will kill them. Kolt, however, sees an opportunity for profit and negotiates the ’Jacks services in exchange for looting privileges after she destroys the city.

She agreees, and Kolt, Lumis, and Sergei are brought down into the middle of her thrall army, where they spend the night. Rench and G’Warr manage to escape notice and keep watch over the group for the rest of the night.

Early in the morning, Alexia tells the group to go to Corvis and prepare to the tomb to help her with her plans. The group leaves, and behind them Rench sets off the prepared explosives, in hopes of delaying Alexia and her army of thralls.

Reaching the city shortly before the festival begins, the group warns Helstrom of the impending invasion. Then they split up.

Kolt and Sergei find themselves back at the tomb of Lexaria Ciannor, Alexia’s mother. They explain to Father Dumas that they want to destroy the body in the tomb and the sword within. He begins helping them unravel the wards guarding the tomb, leaving Kolt and Sergei to beat through the tomb itself.

Meanwhile, Lumis and G’Warr go to confront Borloch, who expresses alarm that Alexia might be after him for his role in her mothers death. After he leaves for the festivities, G’Warr and Lumis break into his office to search for any clues, being suspicious of his role in events. They don’t find anything, but do manage to make the break in look like vandalism from the party of the Longest Night festival.

Kolt and Sergei finally manage to break through the tomb shortly after the festivities begin. Alexia arrives right after with some of her thralls and her four zombie sorceresses to assist her. When Father Dumas challenges her, she tells him to stay out her way. Sergei knocks the Prelate out when it becomes clear he won’t back down.

After she picks up the sword, a man suddenly appears behind her and stabs her in the back. The sword is dropped and lands at the feet of Kolt, who picks it up. Struggling with the sword, Kolt feels like he is weakening as he holds it. Alexia and the strange man both demand that he hands the sword over to him. Alexia promises that she will dismantle her army if Kolt gives her the sword.

Kolt finally decides to give the sword to Alexia, as per their deal. When she has the sword in hand, her army collapses to the ground, lifeless once more, and she and her zombies magically disappear. The man who had asked for the sword curses and then disappears as well. Leaving the ’Jacks with a lot to ponder.



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