For Profit and Glory!

Fool's Errand

After the events of the longest night, the ’Jacks received word from Toryn that he is on his way with several new members of the ’Jacks finishing off another contract. The ’Jacks help Father Dumas clear away the debris from the Thrall attack over the next few days.

After Toryn shows up, Father Dumas sends some of the ‘Jacks out to get some supplies to help rebuild and repair the damage. The ’Jacks go out and gear up, becoming acquainted with Corvis’ Quad, a famous market district along the river that is bustling with trade, despite the recent attacks.

Sergei picks up a fancy hat he had commissioned for his horse, Mikhael, while G’Warr goes and gets fitted for some custom armor, and Gretchen finds a contact to pick up some lockpicking tools.

After they return, Father Dumas hands them a note which had been dropped off for them during their absence.

Opening the note, all it said was to meet the writer at " ", a tavern near the docks. With this information, the ’Jacks spend the rest of the day helping Father Dumas with repairs. Lumis and Gretchen also prepare disguises for themselves and head to the docks early in case this is a trap.

After nightfall, the ’Jacks meet the man who had left the note, a dangerous looking man named Draegar. He explains that his employer had heard of their exploits and wants them to return some stolen property that a few thugs had stolen. All he was able to tell them was that it was named “Thunderwicket” and they would know it when they saw it.

The ’Jacks agree to the terms and prices, and so set off to where they were told it was located. They find it in an abandoned factory deep in a seedy part of the city where thugs and gangs rule the night.

Sneaking into the factory, they split up and begin searching for the mysterious “Thunderwicket”. After a short while, they make their way to the middle of the factory, where a large furnace takes up nearly half the room. When they approach, they hear whirring and clanking as a jack starts up and meets them. They soon find themselves surrounded by a large gang, who also have a large steamjack at their side!

The ‘Jacks find themselves in a fight for their lives. After a few minutes have passed, several of them are wounded, and G’Warr is down for the count. Suddenly, when the steamjack Thunderwicket is battling Kilgore, it rips some chains from the ceiling, and a large, old piece of machinery that had been chained to the ceiling rips free and falls to the floor, crashing through it.

Most of the ’Jacks fall through the opening in the floor and wind up in an old sewer line below. Gretchen and Sergei manage to stay up in the warehouse with most of the gang. Meanwhile, the gang leader yells at Thunderwicket, which also fell, to get up and attack Kilgore.

After a few moments, combatants from both sides have regained their feet, and the fighting commences again. Suddenly, the water churns, and two large Thrullgs appear and begin attacking people from both sides. Deciding that this has turned into more than they can handle, the ‘Jacks decide to retreat. Lumis grabs G’Warr after he checks and stabilizes him, and they start to head down one of the sewer tunnels, with Kilgore following behind.

They eventually clear the fighting and make their way down to a large open area, where they find what appear to be some old abandoned buildings built under the sewer. Investigating one of the buildings while they search for a way out, Lumis finds an amulet with an engraving "".

Soon after, they begin to hear voices coming from the tunnel they had just exited and decide to continue their search for an exit. Following a tunnel they find, they start to wade through the sewer water. When they come to a grate, Kilgore and G’Warr work together to rip it out of the wall, and then the team plunge into the sewage water, hoping this is a viable exit.

Meanwhile, Sergei and Gretchen make their way from the upper levels of the warehouse to the back exit while the gang is still battling the thrullgs. After hopping on the horses they’d left outside, they start to ride back to the church they’ve been staying at.

They eventually meet up with their team from the sewers there. After they get washed up, Gretchen, Sergei, and Kilgore go back to the Falling Star to confront Draegar. When they get there, Bull (the bartender) leads them up to where they find Draegar.

Laughing, he tells them that he didn’t actually expect them to survive, and pays them 300 gold crowns. He also hands them some vouchers, and tells them that they did his boss a big favor tonight.



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